Ahrex Freshwater Series – shipping to your favorite fly shop right now

They are in the house! We are very happy to announce that the Ahrex Freshwater Series fly hooks arrived this week. In case you wonder what 3.5 million fly hooks look like – well… they take up real estate the size of your average classic VW hippie van – and they look absolutely great – … Continue reading “Ahrex Freshwater Series – shipping to your favorite fly shop right now”

Ahrex Hooks Freshwater Series – coming to a shop near you this year

You might have heard some buzz on social media already or picked up some vague hints in your fly shop or on the water. Word on the street is that something new is brewing in the Ahrex Hooks headquarter. We can confirm those rumors – and as good news travels fast… we guess it’s about … Continue reading “Ahrex Hooks Freshwater Series – coming to a shop near you this year”


Fishing in freshwater with dry flies, nymphs and wet flies for trout, grayling and a wide range of other species is by far the largest fly-fishing scene in the world. So far, we have spent our time on developing hooks for Nordic Salt, Predator, Home Run and Trout Predator – important hooks for sure and … Continue reading “FRESHWATER”

Midges in winter – and new fly tying videos

The word midge has a duality of meanings – at least for fly tiers and fly fishermen. First of all, it can mean: a very small fly, natural or artificial. So any bug tied on a fly hook size 18 or smaller is a candidate to the midge title, even though it may represent a … Continue reading “Midges in winter – and new fly tying videos”

Mini Jigs and an Irish Classic

Winter is hitting Denmark this week, so fly tying is really the most obvious pastime around here at the moment. Last week we had ice free waters and fishing was pretty good though. This blog is kind of a patchwork with something old, new, borrowed… and well… pink. Let’s get to it.

Ahrex Hooks Blog – Your go-to resource

2018 is running deep into the backing right now, and today the blog is looking into… well, the blog. This is number 132. We haven’t missed one single Friday since day one. We are there for you every week of the year – including summer holidays, Christmas and New Year. If we aren’t anything else… … Continue reading “Ahrex Hooks Blog – Your go-to resource”

Born in the nordic salt

At Ahrex Hooks we design and produce fly tying hooks that enable you guys to target a lot of different species around the world. Anything from panfish to sharks have been caught on our products. But the type of fishing that started the whole thing, was our local fly fishing for mainly sea trout (or … Continue reading “Born in the nordic salt”

The Mayfly… Ephemera danica – fly fishing’s national bird around here

Spring has turned directly into something that feels a lot like summer in our neck of the woods. We are still in May, though – and here in Scandinavia that means mayfly time. And it’s not just any mayfly I talk about. It is the large Ephemera danica that is commonly found in clear water … Continue reading “The Mayfly… Ephemera danica – fly fishing’s national bird around here”