A new front

We’ve opened a new front. We’ve always been very grateful for the response we get on social media and we’ve been active, primarily on Instagram, but also on Facebook – even on TikTok. Now we’re expanding and we hope that you will enjoy our new PodCast-channel. To open the ball, we’ve launched five podcasts.

The initial five podcasts are written and produced by our friend, photojournalist and flyfisher, Søren Skarby. We’ll be giving a more detailed presentation, but let me just mention that Søren Skarby is also behind a quite spectacular project. Søren has made ultra high resolution photos of 27 freshwater species of fish and they are now being published in book form. Official release is on June 16th, but the book is available for preorder at the publisher’s here.

We will present this amazing book-project in short time.

Please give the new podcasts a listen. Personally I enjoyed “The Platoon of Misery”, a story of Søren and his fishing friends – a platoon of misery, all with different physical problems, be it from decades of hard work, age or other reasons. It might sound a bit gloomy, but really it’s not. It is of course a story of much more. Between the lines, the words might be more appropriate, the story being a podcast, it’s a story of how they all come to the water despite everything and a story of how fishing brings people together.

You can find our podcast-channel here at PodBeam.

There’s a bit of products news as well. Well, more precisely I suppose I could say old news. We bought the design and the moulds for the Flexistripper from the inventor, Danish Bjarne Fries. We made a video about Bjarne and the Flexistripper here:

When we took over, we decided to change the colour – to Ahrex-blue, of course. And later, black, tan and pink followed along. The Flexistripper has been popular and now we can announce that Loon Outdoors has included the Flexistripper in their product range. Loon’s brand colours are black and yellow, so we have made yellow pegs for Loon, which fits their brand colours, but also results in a cool looking Flexistripper. We want to thank Loon Outdoors for this interest and collaboration that we’re quite proud of. If you want to purchase the Loon Edition of the Flexistripper you can find info here for europeans, and the rest of the world you can find it here.

While we were at it we also decided to pay a little homage to Bjarne Fries and his original product, so the FlexiStripper is once again available in the original green colour that Bjarne chose. The only difference being that it’s still equipped with the Ahrex logo. This means that the FlexiStripper is now available in blue, tan, pink and green with clear pegs and black with clear or red pegs. The black one with yellow pegs is only available from Loon Outdoors and their dealers.