Give the baitfish a break – swing some streamers


Water covers just around 71 % of the Earth’s surface. Being an angler, that is a very comforting thought. And while the Earth keeps turning, the rivers keep flowing and waves breaks repeatedly as they hit the beach – the underwater drama of life and dead never stops.

To a scientist a food chain is a simple linkage of energy from producers to consumers through feeding. To a writer it meens fuel for dramas. To us… being fly fishermen it’s just a damn good reasons to fish streamers if we want to get the attention of top predators.

It’s a jungle out there… and for a tasty baitfish the chances of dying old and satisfied after a fulfilled and interesting life is microscopic. There’s simply too many hungry mouths to feed.

So guy’s let’s give the baitfish a hand, and go out there and swing some streamers.


Henrik Kure Nielsen ties a Craft Fur Streamer


Talking baitfish! This week we have another entry from our Nordic Salt Session, an event we made in collaboration with Danmarks Sportsfiskerforbund and the guys from Sportsfiskeren (Danish angling magazine).

Craft Fur Streamer is a pretty basic Sculpin Imitation, but as usual Henrik has a couple of cool twists in the package. One of these is the use of a flashy and hot coloured dubbing under the Flymen Fishing Co. Fish Skull Fish-Mask. The colour really shines through the transparent material. The hook is an Ahrex NS122 Light Stinger # 6 – that in combination with the chosen tying materials gives a light almost suspending fly.

Anyway… check out the full Craft Fur Streamer tying sbs right here…

And revisit our video portrait of Henrik here…

Have a nice weekend :0)