Pink might not be the new black anymore – but it’s still relevant

Per's Small Pink Double by Per Tofting-02-2

The colour pink bears resemblance to pretty few food items in the natural environment – except maybe a few shrimps and trout and salmon eggs. Never the less, most fly boxes carry at least a few pink flies.

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The Muddler goes ultra sonic

Sunburst Sonic Muddler-3 copy

Today Ahrex Hook team member, Morten Valeur, ties a Sunburst Sonic Muddler, so let’s do a little catching up on the history of the muddler fly. Around 1950 Don Gapen of the Gapen Fly Company, Anoka, Minnesota came up with the original Muddler Minnow, still considered one of the most versatile streamer flies ever developed.

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Håkan Karsnäser – fast draw fly tier


Mar Lodge by Håkan Karsnäser-04

Today we put the spotlight on one of Sweden’s most talented and productive fly tiers. Håkan Karsnäser has been tying flies for more than 30 years, so he is by no means a new kid on the block. He fishes in the ballpark of 100 days a year, and spends even more time on fly tying. He is a versatile and well-travelled fly fisherman but loves fishing for rainbow trout in his home waters of Hökensås in southern Sweden.

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Playing with styles – translucency, colour and movement


Today I want to show you a style of fly that I’ve been playing with for a couple of years. It’s nothing revolutionary. Just a combination of elements that work well on flies tied for migratory fish.

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Triple treat in doubles – brand new additions to the Home Run Series

Orange Heron by John Rasmussen-03-2

3 x 2. You do the math :o) Anyway… we are pretty exited. Cause finally they are here! The two missing links in our Home Run Series have arrived- or 3 kind of, since one of the hooks comes in two different finishes. They are shipping to shops around the world as I write this. All three are double hooks. Two for tying and one for tube flies.

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Oskar Hagelin ties a $5Shake – and the game is on… everywhere


Sea trout, predatory browns, salmon and… sharks. During the last week lot’s of exiting news have reached the Ahrex headquarter. The season sure is off to a good start, and our hooks are put to the test every day out there.

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