Thank you – for making 2016 a fantastic first year


2016 is just about running on fumes now. And that’s ok… cause we are ready to uncork a brand new season.

When you still haven’t celebrated your first birthday, you are a novice in the world. Ahrex Hooks is still in that stage of life. We are the new kids on the water. Continue reading “Thank you – for making 2016 a fantastic first year”

Season for fly tying – and new hooks in the pipeline

Winter is coming (as the say in Game of Thrones) at least at the northern hemisphere. For some of us that means short days, cold and wet hands… and putting in more hours between hook-ups. That might be different if you live in a winter fishing wonderland :0) Continue reading “Season for fly tying – and new hooks in the pipeline”

Ahrex news – June 2016

Summer really hit Scandinavia in this last week, and we have decided to make a short update on some of the stuff happening here at Ahrex headquarter right now. So you will find something about the name of our brand, a couple of interesting links, and sneak peeks into the pipeline… in case you wonder what we are up to next. So hang on. Here we go! Continue reading “Ahrex news – June 2016”